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Request for Legal Services

Please click the "APPLY" button to request Green Pro Bono arrange pro bono legal assistance for your organization.


Please be sure to read our Request for Services Agreement below before submitting your request.

Green Pro Bono Request for Services Agreement

  1. By choosing to submit this application, I hereby affirm that all information in this Application is correct and complete.

  2. No attorney-client relationship or promise to perform legal services exists between myself and Green Pro Bono (GPB) or any founder or staff of GPB.

  3. The purpose of this Application and any other communications between GPB and myself is to help make a referral to an outside attorney, not to provide me with direct legal advice or assistance.

  4. I am under no obligation to retain the attorney or attorneys referred to me by GPB, and I am free to seek legal assistance from other sources.

  5. GPB may pass along the information provided on this Application and any other information GPB receives from me to an outside attorney for the purpose of trying to secure volunteer representation for my organization. I understand that any confidential information I disclose to GPB about our legal problem or financial status will not be disclosed by GPB except as specified in this Application and Agreement.

  6. GPB cannot guarantee that it will be able to refer me to an outside attorney or otherwise secure legal representation for me.  If I receive an attorney match through GPB, GPB may share that information in marketing materials unless I ask them not to. 

  7. GPB does not make any representations or guarantees about the quality of legal assistance that the attorney(s) referred by GPB may perform or the outcome of any referral.

  8. I agree to promptly notify GPB if I no longer need the assistance of a volunteer attorney.

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