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Not for Profit vs Nonprofit: Everything You Need to Know

By: UpCounsel

Learn about the differences in non-profit and for-profit legal structures. 

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Key Issues in Selecting Formation State

By: Wolters Kluwer

Learn about the factors to consider when choosing where to incorporate your organization.

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How Do I Make a FOIA Request?

By: U.S. Department of Justice

Learn how to file a Freedom of Information Act request. 

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The BRIGHT Guide

By: Environmental Law Institute

Learn about resources for community planning for environmental risks. 

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What is a Benefit Corporation?

By: Christine Mathias, NOLO

Learn about benefit corporations, and how they compare to non-profit and for-profit structures.

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Write Your Business Plan

By: U.S. Small Business Administration

Learn about writing a business plan, and access a early-stage plan template. 

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How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

By: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Learn about intellectual property protections early-stage organizations should consider. 

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Forming a Corporation in Massachusetts

By: Digital Media Law Project

Learn about forming a corporation in Massachusetts.

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Legal Resources

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