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Our Impact

Green Pro Bono supports a wide range of environmental organizations. Our mission is to remove logistical and financial barriers that legal work poses, so that environmental organizations can focus on what they do best - implement sustainable solutions! 


Green Pro Bono has provided legal services to organizations, both non-profit and early stage for-profit, that focus on: 

  • Climate Change

  • Land Conservation 

  • Environmental Justice

  • Renewable Energy 

  • Energy Access

  • Animal Conservation 

  • Ocean Clean-Up 

  • Sustainable Job Creation 

  • and More!



Carbon Re is an AI for materials company pushing the boundaries of AI to accelerate the decarbonization of foundational materials such as cement. Their mission is to reduce carbon emissions by gigatonnes every year


Green Pro Bono matched Carbon Re with a group of corporate attorneys at Willkie Farr to help them form a US entity and expand their business into the United States.



Pacto Medical developed a compact syringe that lowers shipping cost, storage cost, and reduces the environmental impact of single use syringes.


Green Pro Bono matched Pacto Medical with a pro bono intellectual property attorney at Duane Morris to help them pursue a patent and explore different trademark and copyright options.



GreenSHOT matches people and entities with green information, businesses, non-profits and actions
so they don't waste their shot to green the world.


Green Pro Bono matched GreenSHOT with a pro bono attorney at Ellis George Cipollone to explore different copyright and trademark options for a number of sustainable educational materials.


Freedom Cups

Green Pro Bono matched social entrepreneur Freedom Cups with a pro bono IP attorney at Burr Forman for help with its mission to bring sustainable menstrual cups into the hands of as many women and girls as possible. They are the best option for the body, wallet, and planet. 

For every Freedom Cup purchased, they provide one to a woman from an underprivileged community.



Offstream is streamlining the process of getting certified and staying certified across voluntary carbon markets, compliance markets, tax credits, and more. Green Pro Bono paired Offstream with a corporate attorney at Duane Morris to assist with forming their entity and drafting initial customer contracts.



350 is a non-profit organization working with volunteers in more than 188 countries to build a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. The organization’s name is inspired by environmental scientists’ calculation that preserving the planet requires reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from the current 392 parts per million (ppm) to 350 ppm. Green Pro Bono has matched with an attorney at Goodwin Procter who is assisting them with corporate and tax exemption issues.


Second Nature 

Second Nature is a non-profit that works with college and university leaders to help make the principles of sustainability fundamental to every aspect of higher education. Their work includes advancing Education for Sustainability (EFS) networks at the state, regional, and national levels and conducting a multi-million dollar, ten-year advocacy and outreach effort that was instrumental in launching the higher education EFS movement. Green Pro Bono is pairing Second Nature with an attorney to help with intellectual property issues.


We Forest 

We Forest is an international non-profit promoting worldwide permaculture-based reforestation to combat climate change through increased cloud cover. They also promote scientific research on cloud nucleation (bio-precipitation). Green Pro Bono paired We Forest with an attorney at Sidley Austin who helped them with corporate issues.


Double Exposure

Double Exposure is a partnership between photographers David Arnold and Brad Washburn who create traveling photography exhibits that show the impact of climate change by comparing "then and now" photos that illustrate human impact on the planet's landscape. They also use the exhibitions to help participants understand how education can bring hope for the future. Green Pro Bono paired Double Exposure with a Wilmer Hale attorney to help with various corporate issues.


“Green Pro Bono provided EGG-energy with a tremendous benefit to get quality pro bono help from a major law firm; it allows our limited funds to go toward accomplishing our objectives in Tanzania instead."

Jukka Valimaki / Co-Founder and Director / EGG-energy

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