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Our Process

After receiving a request for pro bono legal services, our team, made up of volunteer lawyers, speaks with the organization to define their legal needs and assure the authenticity of the request. We then reach out to our wonderful pro bono attorneys, without whom Green Pro Bono would not be possible. We direct pro bono opportunities to lawyers and law firms depending on the specialty required, and then smoothly hand over the pre-packaged legal request. We stay in touch throughout the pro bono services relationship.

Please watch the below videos for a more in-depth introduction to our process before requesting services. 

Introduction to Our Process

For Prospective Clients

The Green Pro Bono Process

Contact Us
Due Diligence
Matching Process
Pro Bono Relationship

Potential clients reach out to Green Pro Bono to request pro bono services. Clients are introduced to our team through partnership channels, such as incubator programs and universities, or through our website. All interested organizations fill out our Request for Services form on our website.

Our team will reach out to interested clients for an initial meeting. We will ask about the organization's environmental mission, the requested legal work, and the stage of the organization's growth. This initial meeting will help determine whether the organization is a proper fit for our network of legal professionals.

Following the due diligence meeting, if the organization meets our required criteria, we will begin the matching process. We will distribute the legal request to law firms and lawyers that have requisite specialization and practice in the requested jurisdiction.

The matching process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to find the right lawyer. Once a law firm or lawyer has kindly agreed to work with an organization, we will introduce the teams on a phone call. From there, it is up to the organization to manage the relationship with their pro bono counsel. Green Pro Bono is always available as a resource!

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