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Green Pro-Bono to Revamp for 10th Anniversary!

After helping non-profits and social entrepreneurs define their legal needs and find legal assistance for the last 10 years, we have decided to improve our online presence as well as our process to better help those in need.

Green Pro-Bono's New Logo

We Have Launched a New and Improved Website

By offering pro-bono legal help for green social entrepreneurs, Green Pro Bono can do its part to expedite the innovations necessary to effect change.

Our new website makes it easier to request legal help.

Introducing Our New Logo

Green Pro Bono is the first non-profit pro bono legal initiative in the United States dedicated to helping climate change-driven non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs. As such an organization, we have decided it's time to improve our look. We hope you like it!

A special thank you to Liran Dahan, for designing our new logo. Liran can be reached at

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